Thank you for your interest in the latest Visual DOS product, Visual DOS 2024!

As a special promotion, all purchases are upgraded to Visual DOS 2024 Professional Standard with Visual DOS Plus! Pack for the first 3 months! 

Professional Standard  includes:

  • Unlimited remote AI interpretation of commands for enhanced security! Without a local COMMAND.COM, the chances of someone compromising your machine drop dramatically. Every command is sent to a secure server, processed, and sent back * (requires broadband internet connection)
  • DirectX and OpenGL Support* (for newer computers that support it maybe)
  • Graphics (for newer computers that support it)
  • New high resolution text!

The Plus pack includes:

  • A news application
  • The knowledge that this is normally a paid addition that you got for free

Years ago, Apple and Microsoft tried to introduce GUI Operating Systems to the masses, but everyone liked DOS so much that their initiative failed. Both companies went bankrupt, and from the ashes of MS-DOS came Visual DOS! Introduced in 1995 with the features people wanted!

Since then, every release of Visual DOS has been backwards compatible and introduced features everyone can use. This versatile Operating System can and does run on every computer: office computers, gaming computers, computers with and without networking!

This version of Visual DOS upgrades your existing Visual DOS virtualization container. Installation is easy: download our upgrade image from our network, and run the setup file. 


MacOS, Windows, Linux: Double-click the file. Type help for help.

Web: I'm working on it.

The Game

You're installing the latest, greatest Visual DOS release. But the concept of all your commands and everything you type being held by the Visual DOS company, and the reliability of the LLM/Generative AI give cause for some concern.

But who cares? If this finally lets you run DirectXSucks, then maybe it's worth it!


Was intended to be completed in under a month, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Story progression is around half way done.


Royalty free art was used for the icons.

Story concept by Neylan Gonzalez.

Development log

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