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OpenDyslexic is an open source font created to help increase readability for readers with dyslexia. The typeface includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles. It is being updated continually and improved based on input from other dyslexic users. 

OpenDyslexic Mono is included for programming, or other areas where a fixed width font is preferred. 

OpenDyslexic 3 is now available in Regular and Bold! OpenDyslexic 3 is a ground-up redesign of OpenDyslexic, taking into account recommendations from educators, teachers, and other users. It is released under the SIL-OFL license.

There is a new version of OpenDyslexic

It's licensed as SIL-OFL to make it easier to include in projects where other licenses caused difficulty.

It's included in the downloads now as a free update and includes the OTF and WebFont versions. 

More information will be available at https://opendyslexic.org

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Is it free?


Is the source available?

Yes! On github: https://github.com/antijingoist/opendyslexic

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OpenDyslexic Character sheet 1 MB
OpenDyslexic 3 (RC - Windows, MacOS, Linux TTF) 186 kB
OpenDyslexic Font Pack for iOS 757 kB
OpenDyslexic Mono (Windows, MacOS, Linux OTF) 35 kB
OpenDyslexic2 (Windows, MacOS, Linux OTF) 167 kB
OpenDyslexic2 (rounded small-a version) (Windows, MacOS, Linux OTF) 164 kB

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